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Top 3 Sungold Portable Solar Panel Choices

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It is simpler to charge your battery and devices while on the go with the best folding portable solar panels. They offer more worthwhile camping and travel experiences to RVers and mobile homeowners.

Dealers who want to boost their business in the RV segment need to choose Sungold solar panels.

The characteristics and distinguishing qualities of the top folding solar panels at the moment will be covered in this guide. Whenever you’re prepared, let’s begin.

The transportable solar panels from Sungold Solar are perfect for outdoor activities. Three different types of solar panels will be covered in this article.

Three types of Sungold portable solar panels are available

1. One of the most potent folding portable solar panels on the market, the 70W Lightweight Portable Solar Panel is one of the series’ newest variants.

2. A 110W waterproof portable folding solar panel with a 23% efficiency is also available.

3. Mobile solar systems are best used with the 165W portable folding solar panel kit. Emergencies, RV travel, outdoor activities, and rural medical care are all possibilities.


1. Extremely lightweight, convenient for storage, use, and travel.

2. IP67 waterproof solar panels are strong, waterproof, and have a cleaning function in addition to acting as a flame retardant.

How are the Sungold portable solar panels to be maintained and cleaned?

If you want your solar panels to continue collecting solar energy for a very long period, you must take care of them. Dust, pollen, bird droppings and other debris can gather on the panel surface.

The ability of solar panels to absorb as much sunlight as possible may be hampered by these particles. Therefore, cleaning it is essential.

Like any other glass surface, solar panels are quite easy to clean. Extreme caution must be taken to avoid scratching the PV panels’ surface.

Dirt that won’t come off easily can be removed with a microfiber towel and soapy water. Surfaces should be kept spotless after rinsing with water.

However, it is not advised to thoroughly clean solar panels. Any surface things in your vicinity will be washed away if it rains.

Additionally, the slanted positioning of the solar panels only permits debris to collect in the lower portion of the panels. Any decrease in energy output shouldn’t be greater than 5%.

As a result, monitoring your solar output is necessary for maintaining your solar panels. You can start cleaning if there is a noticeable decrease.

In summary

As a way to augment energy needs in off-grid scenarios and lessen one’s carbon footprint, portable solar panels are growing in popularity.

Best-in-class folding solar panels can boost any dealers’ business, and SUNGOLG is a worthy choice.

Three separate panels from Sungold each have the same appeal and are excellent value for the money. They are strong and effective.


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