Top Folding Solar Panels for Portable Off Grid Use

If you are a camper or a DIY solar enthusiast, one of the best portable folding solar panels is essential. Folding solar panels from SUNGOLD are an excellent choice for portable, long-lasting off-grid power.

You’re probably thinking about getting out of town and off the grid more than usual if you’re reading this in the age of coronavirus.

Whether that’s the case, or you’re just out and about for outdoor activities like camping, boating, or hunting, most people want a portable power source. You may only need to charge a few low-power devices (such as phones or tablets), or you may require more power for devices such as portable refrigerators to keep drinks cool.

What are the advantages of folding solar panels?

If you need to charge a lot of smart devices (phones, tablets, laptops) or smaller devices (such as a 12v coffee maker or portable cooler), the 100-watt solar panel will keep you going as long as it is sunny. (You’ll also need some portable battery storage, whether it’s a traditional 12v lead-acid battery or a cutting-edge lithium-ion power bank.)Solar Panels from the SUNGOLD HI-POWER Series

Folding Solar Panels for Portable Off Grid Use

Numerous applications

The Hi-Power Series Folding Solar Panel is a high-efficiency, folding solar panel that comes with a stylish and convenient carrying bag with a handle for easy transport. High-power application scenarios include off-grid homes, RVs, commercial vehicles, ships, outdoor camping, and outdoor emergencies.

High security

This is a solar panel that is efficient, foldable, and lightweight. Molecular polymer material protects the battery effectively, improves impact resistance, and is suitable for outdoor use.

Cells can be effectively protected by the use of macromolecules. The High-Power series has a higher profit output ratio and can be customized to a maximum power output of 480W.

High Strength

The most important reason for purchasing high-power solar panels is that outdoor electrical loads are increasing and outdoor activities require larger capacity energy storage. SUNGOLD Hi-Power solar panels can generate an average of 2000 Wh of energy per day, whereas the capacity of large and small solar panels is determined by their output capacity.


Today, camping, as an emerging tourism industry, is in line with the current state of tourism development, which has been hampered by the epidemic, and it caters to the rapidly growing domestic self-driving tour and self-guided tour market demand.

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