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5 Best Portable Solar Panels For Camping In 2022

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When embarking on outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, or gatherings, having a reliable power source is essential to keep your devices charged and enhance your overall experience. In this blog, we present a range of portable solar panels suitable for various outdoor activities, ensuring you have the power you need while exploring the great outdoors.

Looking for portable solar panels to charge your electrical loads while camping? In this blog, the following solar panels can improve your camping experience.

Portable solar panels for hiking or climbing

If you choose to hike or climb, then you only need to consider small and lightweight solar panels.

This is because such short trips are very demanding. Such outdoor activities are not suitable for carrying too much equipment. On the go, there are very few devices that need to charge.

Recommend BXF-N series chargers for you. It is the size of an iPad, and is perfect for short backpacking trips.

With a single USB output port and 5V regulated output, it can charge small devices such as smartphones. You can hang it from your backpack.

It can absorb light to generate electricity while charging your phone.

portable solar panels

Portable solar panels for camping

If you want the convenience of a camping trip in a scenic location, like at home. Then you need a more powerful solar panel.

You need to clarify which of the camping equipment you bring needs to charge. For example, appliances for cooking food.

Then calculate how much power they consume. Multiply the rated power by the time of use is the power consumption of the appliance.

Recommend Winner-bag series or SPC series solar panels. The solar panel is a foldable design, the size is like a briefcase, very light and portable.

You can use it with an 800W or 500W portable power station. You can charge your mobile phone, computer and other small electrical loads.

Sungold SPC-3*55W Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels for gathering

If you want to bring your family and friends to an outdoor party, you need more electricity. For example, portable refrigerators, pellet grills, electric stoves, projectors and so on.

You can consider 400W portable solar panels. This solar panel is suitable for the 1-2.5KWh portable power station. Solar panels can generate electricity for most of your load requirements.

You can drive your RV and go camping anywhere. Do not worry about the weight of solar panels and batteries. High-power solar panels are more suitable for RV camping.

The Hi-Power series portable solar panels are suitable for a portable power station. The solar panels are perfect for long camping trips.

It has an IP67 waterproof rating and can even be on water. Adjust the bracket to face the sun, and the solar panel can generate electricity.

You can also opt for a portable glass folding solar panel-SGF series. The surface of this product is glass, and equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, which is very durable.

The ability to resist wind and snow is very strong. It has a 10-year warranty and a service life of up to 20 years, making it very cost-effective.

camping solar panels


No matter your level of outdoor experience, having a reliable power source is crucial for outdoor activities. Sungold offers a diverse range of solar panels designed for different outdoor scenarios, ensuring you have a strong and stable power source during your adventures.

For more information, feel free to contact Sungold and discover the perfect portable solar panel for your outdoor lifestyle.


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