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Solar panels for home electricity, choose the right solar panel from sungold

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Solar panels for home electricity, choose the right solar panel from sungold

Everyone is looking for a way to keep the lights on during a power outage. As increasingly severe weather knocks out grids for days at a time in some regions, traditional fossil fuel-based backup systems—i.e., portable or permanent generators—seem increasingly unreliable. In today’s article, we will analyze the differences between the various types of home solar panels. First, let’s see why you must have it.

For homeowners, charging with home solar panels during a natural disaster is a reliable, rechargeable, instantaneous source of power that can keep vital devices and appliances running until the grid comes back online.

rooftop solar installation
rooftop solar installation

Sungold Rigid Solar Panel

Sungold recommends 750W (2x375w) rigid solar panels for you

It is a shingled solar panel with a strong aluminum frame and sleek black cells that make this panel stand out in the market and can be used in a variety of home solar systems with its unique cell design and durable build.

The latest monocrystalline silicon solar cell shingling process is adopted, and the cells are connected by special welding methods. The connection between the SGD glass solar panel and the aluminum frame is encapsulated with solar silicone, and the waterproof level is IP67.

rigid solar panel
rigid solar panel

Sungold Flexible Solar Panel

Lightweight, flexible panels are suitable for roofs that cannot support the weight of standard solar panels.Flexible panels are easier to install than standard solar panels, which require mounting brackets and sealing material to prevent roof leaks. And there is no need to install hardware such as brackets, and the flexible panel is easier to move.

Sungold TF series flexible solar panels, made of unique patented materials, provide better protection for solar panels and have high impact resistance. The solar panels have a lifespan of up to 5 years. Flexible solar panels typically have as much power output as standard panels, ranging from 60-290W. It can also expand rooftop solar arrays by filling spaces that are too small or too misshapen to accommodate standard solar panels, or add to the system when power needs grow.


Sungold Portable Solar Panel

These portables are direct rechargeable and safe for use indoors. During a power outage, you can manually disconnect your home from the grid (a physical transfer switch is included with the installation). You can then run the circuit at home on an external battery and charge it with Sunold’s portable solar panels. The use of a manual disconnect switch adds an extra step compared to the automatic transfer switch used in grid-tied solar systems.

Recommend Hi-power400W (4x100W) portable solar panel for you Compared with rigid solar panel, rigid solar panel is lighter, just put the solar panel on the balcony to use.

Portable Solar Panel
Portable Solar Panel

All of these options have their drawbacks and limitations. A solar-powered device charger can keep you connected to loved ones and give you news alerts in case of an emergency, but it won’t keep your refrigerator running. Fossil fuels can run out, leaving you in a bind, and of course, fossil fuel generators are not environmentally friendly.


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