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How to Clean Solar Panels the Right Way – 4 Tips

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Solar panels have come into our lives. After installing solar panels, you will inevitably encounter situations where dust, leaves, bird droppings, etc. accumulate on the surface of the modules, which greatly affects the power generation of the PV plant.

Effective cleaning of solar panels can not only improve the efficiency of solar panel power generation but our benefits can also be increased by more than 20%.

If the cleaning method and tools are not appropriate, it is easy to cause wear and tear on the surface of the solar cell, affecting the power generation capacity of the panel and the service life of the product.


Cleaning of solar panels:


Cleaning tools for solar panels are also relatively common, commonly used are high-pressure water guns, soft brushes, cotton mops, etc. These tools are very low-cost and are all easy to use.

When cleaning, if there is only a small amount of dust on the surface of the solar panel, simply rinse with a high-pressure water gun.

If there is sand, mud, and other granular pollutants on the surface, you can first use a high-pressure water gun to flush the particles away, and then use a soft brush to scrub them to avoid them sticking to the solar panel.

If there are sticky pollutants such as bird droppings and oily pollutants on the surface, you need to use a clean rag to wipe them off and clean them with glass water, and finally, rinse with a water gun.

It should be noted that in the process of using a high-pressure water gun, pay attention to the pressure of the high-pressure water gun, too much water pressure may produce damage to the solar panels.


Solar Panels


What matters need to be noted when cleaning solar panels?


(1) Choose the right time to clean

It is best to choose the cleaning time in the early morning, evening, or night, avoiding high-temperature times such as noon to avoid damage to the solar panels.

When cleaning, pay attention to avoid using hard and sharp objects to directly touch the solar panels.

Can not step on the solar panels, brackets, and other parts, easy to damage the power station, affecting the service life.


(2) Regular cleaning

The surface of the rigid solar panel is made of high-strength tempered glass. Since it is glass, there will also be the problem of wear and tear. Usually, the service life of solar panels is more than 20 years, to ensure the normal power generation of solar panels as well as their service life, it is generally recommended to clean them 1-2 times a month.

In winter and other seasons with more rain and snow, generally cleaning once a month can be done (if there is a snow phenomenon, to clean up in time), and the rest of the month can be cleaned twice a month.

In windy, dusty areas, it will be necessary to determine the specific circumstances.


(3) clean thoroughly

Cleaning must be clean and thorough, if there are dead ends, may cause “hot spot effect” serious consequences, not only will aggravate the aging of the panel but in serious cases can also cause a fire.

Therefore, when cleaning solar panel components, we must follow the instructions to operate, both to increase the power generation benefits, but also to maintain the normal service life of solar panels.


(4) Use a special cleaning solution for solar panels

Component cleaning tries not to use soapy water, usually, we wash our hands with soap, hands will leave a thin film, the same reason, after cleaning the components with soap, will also leave a film or residue on the surface of photovoltaic modules, will promote dust and other faster adhesion and accumulation, affecting solar panel generation.

In addition, it is not easy to use other corrosive cleaning agents, the use of solar panels’ special cleaning solution is best.


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