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How to extend the life of solar panels? – 5 points must understand

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Nowadays, people strongly advocate clean energy and green energy. The use of solar panels is also becoming more and more widespread, but many people have questions about whether solar panels are easy to break, whether they are durable, and so on. Solar panels are still very cost-effective. The service life is also very long.


First, the service life of solar panels

The service life of solar panels mainly depends on the sealing layer material. The sealing layer mainly has a tempered glass pressure layer, PET laminate sealing, and drip rubber encapsulation three.

Now more than 95% of the solar panels on the market are tempered glass laminate solar panels. The life span of solar panels with tempered glass lamination is 25 years, and the life span of solar panels with PET lamination is 5~8 years. The life span of drip-encapsulated solar panels is 2~3 years.

The service life of solar panels is also determined by the material of solar cells, tempered glass, EVA, etc. With the impact of the environment, solar panel materials will age with time. In general, the power of solar panels will decay by 30% in 20 years. In 25 years, the power will decay by 70%.

Daily maintenance measures for photovoltaic power generation systems are essential. Sungold Solar always insists on making high-quality and cost-effective products.


Second, the impact of solar panel life factors

1. The degree of PN bonding

The degree of PN bonding and the purity of the silicon wafer determines the strength of the solar panel to produce electricity under the same light. Over time, the PN junction will continue to break. This will result in a continuous decline in efficiency. After 15 years the conversion efficiency is over 90%. after 25 years it will drop to about 85%. The luminous efficiency keeps decreasing. The luminous efficiency decreases, and the loss is the service life of its solar panels. So the life of photovoltaic modules is more than twenty years.


2. Working environment

With time, solar panels will also be covered with a lot of dust. The conversion efficiency of electrical energy will also decline. As the solar panel accumulates a lot of dust. The solar panel will also reduce the amount of charging of the battery. This leads to more problems.


3. The quality of silicon wafers

Due to the poor quality of the encapsulation materials used for solar panels, the quality of silicon wafers is substandard. The substandard quality of the silicon wafers will directly affect the service life of the solar panel, so the solar panel needs to be repaired promptly.


4. Hot spot effect

Under the sunlight, if some parts of the solar panel are blocked they cannot get solar energy. This will lead to the part of the temperature being too high and burned, and there will be dark spots. Such hot spots are very deadly and can easily cause damage to the entire solar module. Therefore, solar panels should be maintained and cleaned frequently.


Solar panel
Solar panel

Third, to extend the service life of solar panels

1. Photovoltaic power generation systems should be regularly inspected. If the photovoltaic module is found to exist glass crushing, backsheet scorching, and obvious color changes. Photovoltaic module junction box deformation, distortion, cracking or burning, wiring can not be good contact and other problems should immediately adjust or replace the photovoltaic modules.


2. To regularly check the fixed solar panel metal bracket for corrosion, and regular paint anti-corrosion treatment of the bracket. Solar arrays of brackets should be kept well grounded.


3. In use, to be regularly (such as 1 to 2 months) on the solar cell array of photovoltaic parameters and output power, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the battery array.


4. In use, regularly (such as 1 to 2 months) to check the solar photovoltaic module package and connection joints. If the package is found to have open glue into the water, cell discoloration and joint loss, off-line, corrosion, and other problems, repair or replace it promptly.


5. To keep the solar photovoltaic module square array of light harvesting surface clean. If there is dust accumulation, sweeping can be done. If there is dirt that can not be swept away, use water to rinse, and then use a clean rag to dry the water stains. Do not use corrosive solvents to clean or wipe with hard objects. In case of snow accumulation, clean it in time.


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