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RV SOLAR: Solar Panel

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So how do they work? Solar panels consist of individual solar cells that convert sunlight into energy. This energy comes in the form of direct current (DC) electricity, which is used to charge and replenish the RV’s batteries. Usually, several panels are connected together to form a “solar array.”


What to look for. There are two common types of solar panels — rigid solar panels and flexible solar panels.


Rigid solar panels are relatively cost-effective, and can be customized according to their needs RV solar panels, cost, durability, and warranty are superior to other types of components, so most customers will choose Rigid solar panels, which makes them a wallet-friendly choice! But if it comes to weight restrictions, we might want to consider flexible solar panels. Read on to learn more about their advantages:

  • Longer Lifespan:15 years warranty
  • Higher Efficiency: The maximum efficiency can reach 22.6%
  • Reliability: Installing a secure bracket system ensures that your solar array remains firmly in place, even during high winds



Flexible assembly

Flexible panels are usually used for special applications — when the panel needs to be molded into a curved surface, or when there are height/weight limitations. Although flexible panels may be up to 80 percent lighter than rigid panels, they are more prone to damage. Superior to the unique appearance and various packaging material upgrades, the current flexible solar module warranty can be extended to five years, even longer than 10 years.

Read on to learn more about their advantages:

  • Lightweight: Flexible panels weigh approximately 20% of what rigid panels weigh, allowing you to attach them to structures that may not typically support the weight of a rigid frame.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the model, flexible PV panels can be bent at extreme angles, making them perfect for attaching to curved surfaces.
  • Ease of Installation: Thanks to their lightweight nature and ability to bend, flexible panels are easy to install. They can be securely affixed using adhesive, eliminating the need for drilling.


The choice of cells is also very flexible and can be based on the need to choose mono solar cells, Sunpower cells, or shingled solar cells, which is becoming more and more popular type of solar cells


Purchasing skills

Don’t be tempted by cheap panels. They are usually made from a large number of cut batteries – they may be cheaper, but less efficient. Whole, intact solar cells perform better and are worth the extra cost.

Note the power output claimed by the manufacturer. The best manufacturers will provide minimum output for their panels, not maximum output. Always ask your sellers to record their panel output range (positive/negative percentage).

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