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What Is The Best Roof For Solar Panels?

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More and more homes are now choosing to install solar panels. What is the best roof for solar panels? You can learn more about roofs from this article.

Shingle roof for solar panels

Shingle roofs are the most common type of roof in homes and consist of composite or asphalt shingles. While both options are flexible, composite shingles are more durable than asphalt shingles.

Installing solar panels on a shingle roof is very simple and requires a standard pass-through mount that is easy to install. When installing, studs need to be drilled into the roof so that the solar panels can be installed.

The space between the panels and the studs is then closed off and sealed with flashing to prevent water from leaking between the roof and the panels.

Many homeowners consider this type of roof because it’s cheap, durable, and lasts 12 to 20 years. This is perfect for solar panels that will likely sit on the roof for decades. If you want to choose this shingle roof for solar panels, you need to consider these factors.

roof for solar panels

Metal roof for solar panels

If your home has a metal roof with standing seams, this makes it easy to install solar panels as they don’t require any drilling to install. Therefore, there is no need to hire installers, which can save a lot of money.

Metal roofs have a very long service life, up to more than 40-100 years. But metal roofing materials are more expensive.

And in rainy and snowy weather, it produces more noise. If you want to choose this meta roof for solar panels, you need to consider these factors.

Tile roof for solar panels

If you have a tile roof, you can mount the solar panels using a standard through mount, raising the solar panels slightly above the roof.

Because tiles don’t always have the same, uniform shape, it is sometimes necessary to cut or remove certain tiles to make way for the stand. This may require additional labor costs.

Tile roofs are more aesthetically pleasing and more waterproof. But its price is more expensive than the general roof. If you want to choose this tile roof for solar panels, you need to consider these factors.

roofs for solar panels

Tar and gravel roof for solar panels

Many homeowners prefer tar and gravel roofs because they are the most affordable and have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years. They’re also sealed to prevent cracks and leaks, while also providing a nice, flat support surface for your solar panel system.

You need to prepare the tilt bracket, make sure to tilt the solar panel system at 30 degrees when installing the solar panel system so that your solar panels receive the best sunlight.

If you want to choose this tar and gravel roof for solar panels, you need to consider these factors.


It is recommended that you choose what kind of roof according to the local sunshine direction, your budget and considering the weather conditions. Of course, you can also choose to install the solar panels in other places, such as walls.


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